Health & academic research work

Who came first, the patient or the pill ?
Is it the demand made by patients that created the Pharma Industry ?
Is it Pharma Industry who created the new dependent patient ?
As we see on the diagram, it is a play with 7 actors.
Who is mastering whom ?
Are the Elected Controllers – Members of Parliament etc. playing their role independently.
Are conflicts of interest rare or not ?

Here, there is no doubt : Nature came first.

Mushrooms have the ability to boost the Killer cells who attack virus & bacteria.

Essential oils have the capacity to kill virus & bacteria.

Phages are natural killers of virus & bacteria.

The whole immune system can be boosted.

Nature has given to human beings these 4 weapons agains virus & bacteria.
Who will teach that to humans ?
All the information is available in research work academic publications.
Nature based health care needs a patient who takes responsibility :
– to observe finely his symptoms
– to prepare and take the plants properly
– to observe his reactions to the plants
– to have dialog with the Health Practitioner
– to practice prevention

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