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#new challenges (Covid, superbugs, etc.) #censorship in WikiPedia #improving voting system #research methods #complex systems (health, ecology) #softpower #whistleblower #storytelling #metaphor #shaman healing

Illustration : Quixote & Sancho for storytelling to explain research on complex systems – multi-referential.

Censorship in WikiPedia for academic innovation

Open letter to Jimmy Wales on the dedicated site : We are not shady morons ! NoShaMo !!!

Censorship for information about herbal therapy for Covid.

General problem of inclusivity within Wikimedia projects : https://subversivecolors.com/

Research on sham healing and the prehistory of shamanism

In 2020 we are invited to share on Academia.
This leads to a new article : Describing spiritual healing : the needed words and diagrams 

New research methods for new challenges

A multi-referential method for research on several dimensions of a system

With reference to an article in 2002 :
Learning about Sancho Panza and foreign cousins : a case for introducing the future of e learning within the semantic web

2018-19 Whistleblowing to save lives from SuperBugs

The weak link for phage therapy adoption : government awareness
The superbug and the personalized phage : 7 discourses they don’t want you to hear !
Why do millions of people die, are amputated or invalidated by superbugs and not cured by phages ? Because the wrong doctor-near-the-top has the wrong mission in the wrong paradigm !

From research to education : knowledge dissemination

2002 and still pretty fresh Fre
An article selected for an European “best of” :
Sharing concepts and experience through a knowledge base : the benefits that actors of the mud building European community are getting from developing the domain ontology

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