Malignant cells : killing the killer

Illustration : The chess game is an analogy for the fight of good and evil forces within the patient – here in one of our places for information about therapies.

Adorcism versus exorcism

To make it simple, exorcism is considering the disease as alien and trying to eject it from the body.
In the case of malignant cells tumor : surgical ablation.
On the other hand, adorcism is considering that the problem is in the balance of inside forces.
And the solution is in weakening the bad forces and strengthening the natural defenses.

The word “cancer” leads to fear on both sides – physician and patient.
Fear leads to exorcism.
Exorcism leads to violent therapy.
We never use this term !!!

We use the word “malignant cells”, these tiny fragile things.
Adorcism leads to the apoptosis – suicide – of malignant cells.
Powerful plants have the ability to poison malignant cells without harming sane cells !!!

The malignant cells gardener

Yes ! We know that this metaphor is shocking but it is essential for the foundation of the therapy.
A person invaded by malignant cells has – in many different ways – prepared the soil for the damaging invader.

The starving 30 trillion body cells

It is so easy to have them weak.
To have dietary deficiency – for example the famous lack of essential amino acids.
Our ancestors had legumes every day in their diet. Have we ?

If I am more than 60 years old, I need an intake of Q10 coenzyme.

And lipoïc acid

The inflammatory system

It is the soil for malignant cells.
How is my intake of anti-inflammatory herbs – curcuma, ginger, etc. ?
What are the intakes that promote inflammation ?
Milk and diary products.
Refined sugar.
We call them the three white killers … and they have this consequence !!!

The true story of George and Chris

In 2010 spring, Chris has the confirmation : the two small holes under each eye are the visible parts of two tumors.
Chris begins to kill the malignant cells with the proper herbs while organizing the right diet : month after month the tumors are smaller.
George says to Chris :
– I am really scared by malignant cells
– Oh ! Come on George, you are the witness that it is possible to kill them
– I see but I shall never eat another way than the diet of my mother !
Yes ! George “prefers” being killed by malignant cells than “betray” his mother !!!

Needing calcium is no excuse for consuming milk : the milk calcium is very poorly absorbed by the body !!!
To really have calcium intake a mixture is needed = calcium + silicium + D3 + K2
see Dr Jacob’s formula

Killers and fuel

There is a large number of malignant cells killer herbs.
Exemples : Nigella / black cumin, Artemisia annua, Pao pereira (the right one !), Taraxacum, etc.
They need a fuel : D3 vitamin

Immune system

The natural killers of malignant cells.
Boost it with Flos Lonicera & Astragalus



You can search inside the bibliography with usual terms like “cancer”.
As we said earlier, in the present text we never use this misleading word !!!


  1. Kill malignant cells; several plants – artemisia annua is the most famous.
  2. improve cell respiration: ubiquinol Q10
  3. decrease oxidative stress – lipoïc acid
  4. improve the acid-base balance – metal salts
  5. moderate the inflammatory system
  6. boost the immune system
  7. promote apoptosis – suicide – of malignant cells – fasting
  8. stimulate stem cells – fasting
  9. balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems – frankincense
  10. promote the fight against the invader – oak bark

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