Chris Bois

What would people around him say ?

  « Chris is a polymath ! » 

 « Chris is a slogger ! » 

 « Chris is a visionary ! » 

Chris describes the Internet as it will be 15 years later.

He begins to imagine what will be WikiPedia and the MOOCS.

He writes 1000 pages on the different components and the whole system :
– creating knowledge in labs
– publishing
– transform publications into WikiPedia articles
– use WikiPedia to learn
– use WikiPedia as an entry point to find research papers
– use research papers to create knowledge – loop to 1

He was an early contributor to WikiPedia.
He created pictures and diagrams for Commons.
He was disgusted by the destruction of academic knowledge made by WikiPedia Black Knights – a metaphor.

He created some dozens of WordPress sites – for DiY / ecological house building, physical and mental health, research methods, music, etc.

2019 annual report of Une fabrique de communs
The number of articles written or co-written by Chris is evaluated to 1239.

How I became a human health activist

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