In 1998 we decided that all articles will be signed with the pseudo “Tristan DeJean”.

In 2018 – when we became whistleblowers – there was the need to have a “face” for the author of the article.

The choice was done that Chris Bois be the face.

“Tristan DeJean” became “Christian Bois” for all 1239 articles.

So any article has :
– either Chris Bois as a real author
– or another real author
– or a group of authors
– always Chris Bois as a “face”

The health area problem

Only 170 countries – out of 195 – acknowledge the use of TCIs Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine (TCI) as defined by the World Health Organization.

Some contributors to our research and editorial work on TCIs would have problems if their supervisory authority would know about their practice of TCIs.

That is a reason why Chris Bois is the author – he has no more regular patients (1)


(1) Chris Bois healing practice was with ericksonian hypnosis enriched by practices from other TCIs.
He has worked on war post-traumatic syndrome with army physicians and psychologists.