Dissemination of academic knowledge about the herbal therapies for the Covid, a consensus

Project of consensus between :
World Health Organization
Wikimedia foundation (1)

Objective : Create the necessary conditions for the academic knowledge about herbal therapies – AKHT – to be present permanently in the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Action 1
The WHO completes an inventory of the researchers creators of AKHT for the Covid.
The research work may concern :
– boosting the immune system
– general treatment against viruses
– specific treatments against coronaviruses
– specific treatments against a specific coronavirus
– treatments corresponding to the different reactions of the patient to the virus – inflammation, respiratory distress, etc.
Action 2
The researchers are invited to a training session to be contributors to Wikipedia.
Action 3
Researchers are invited to create “special” contributor’s accounts in Wikipedia.
The user names for an account will have le form WHOFredMartin.
The user page will contain a presentation :
“This account was created for the Academic Knowledge about Herbal Therapies for the Covid project – AKHT.
The contributions of the actors of the AKHT project are peer reviewed by the College of the contributors.
Other contributors may add value to the contributions with the process called Wikification.
If there is a dissensus on the content, the academic sources for the dissensus must be transmitted to the College of the contributors for due diligence.”
Action 4
Contributors of the AKHT project complete one or several articles.
For example the Dandelion article.
All contributions have a similar form :
Title : Academic Knowledge about Herbal Therapies for the Covid
Content : azertyuiop
In the discussion page of the article, a presentation similar to the presentation of the contributors is added.
Action 5
A researcher can ask to a Wikipedian to write on the base of one or several of his research paper.
A set of presentation texts will be provided to the Wikipedian being actor in the AKHT project to put on his contributor page and on the discussion pages.
Action 6
Each additional text & pictures made in the framework of the AKHT will be reported to the College of the contributors for peer review.
A special category within Wikipedia will list the contributions.
Action 7
A permanent evaluation of the process will be done with due improvement.


(1) Alphabetical order of the two organisations names
The sequences of the project were :
Phase 1
Patients with Covid, families, healers, citizens in a dynamic for prevention, scholars, educators, etc.
describe to Une fabrique de communs their concerns about the availability of academic knowledge about herbal therapies for the Covid.
Phase 2
Une fabrique de communs transmits the concerns to dozens of people within the two organisations.
Phase 3
Some actors of the two organisations react to the concerns.
Phase 4
Une fabrique de communs writes the present project of consensus out of the reactions.
Phase 5
The organisations are invited to appoint representatives to continue the process.
Phase 6
Une fabrique de communs fades out.
Phase 7
The project is implemented.