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Malignant cells : killing the killer

Illustration : The chess game is an analogy for the fight of good and evil forces within the patient – here in one of our places for information about therapies. Adorcism versus exorcism To make it simple, exorcism is considering the disease as alien and trying to eject it from the body.In the case of … More

Nature & academic research against virus

Surprisingly – or not – the WikiMedia article about Covid says nothing about proven effects of natural products on immune defenses and of plant essential oils on the death of viruses. World Health Organisation says no synthetic molecules have shown to be significantly efficient with few harmful secondary effects. Academic references Author : Chris Bois … More

English projects

#new challenges (Covid, superbugs, etc.) #censorship in WikiPedia #improving voting system #research methods #complex systems (health, ecology) #softpower #whistleblower #storytelling #metaphor #shaman healing Illustration : Quixote & Sancho for storytelling to explain research on complex systems – multi-referential. Censorship in WikiPedia for academic innovation Open letter to Jimmy Wales on the dedicated site : We … More

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