How I came to human health activism

October 2020 Covid & Superbugs
Open letters to Jimmy Wales – WikiMedia – and Dr Harsh Vardhan – World Health Organization about the availability of knowledge about herbal medicine against Covid & Superbugs.
This action follows the vandalization of articles in WikiPedia – French.

April 2020 Covid
First articles then description of the survival kit – herbal medicine.

December 2019 Superbugs & phage therapy
The matter explained on You tube.
Our action : eMail campaign toward the French Parliament about the Arte movie for phage therapy.
In Georgia, etc. people are saved from Superbugs by phages.
In France they die, be amputated or invalidated.
Arte movie – in French
Our “movie” – in French :

A box of phages preparation

Summer 2019 Superbugs & phage therapy
A campaign toward the European parliament and other European actors.
Why do millions of people die, are amputated or invalidated by superbugs and not cured by phages ? Because the wrong doctor-near-the-top has the wrong mission in the wrong paradigm ! Zenodo June 28
The superbug and the personalized phage : 7 discourses they don’t want you to hear ! Zenodo July 8
The weak link for phage therapy adoption : government awareness Zenodo August

September 2018 Superbugs & phage therapy
First campaign towards French Parliament & Government, scholars, journalists, etc.
The total of all campaigns = 10 thousands eMails.

2018 When healing oneself with herbal therapy, etc. is the only way
In French :

May 2017 Healing concerto
The place of music in a healing strategy.

November 2016 Vignettes cliniques Clinical vignettes
In French. 11 articles about therapy of emotions, etc.

2012 Healing a cancer with food, minerals and herbal therapy
In French.
2012 Various diseases
Close of the Google Knol projects.
Articles – in French- are moved to different sites

1998-2005 Knowledge, knowledge repositories/silos, research methods, MOOCs, WikiPedia
Four dissertations including a PhD – 1000 pages.

1988-1998 Trainer in general and mental hospitals
Innovative views on psychotherapy and practician-patient relationship – see precedent period.

1985-87 Ericksonian hypnosis, etc.
A group of psychiatrists, psychologists, independent therapists.
Translation of texts by Ernest Rossi, Robert Dilts, interpreter of Wyatt Woodsmall, Franck Farelly, etc.

1977 First of a series of 4 accidents

For the official medicine I am on a wheel chair.
But … I discover Rolfing and other methods.
I explain the conditions of the health recovery – in French – MGCTCP.

As a schoolboy When the vaccine causes illness
Years of hell with cyclic hypoglycemia.
1981 : through the book by Danièle Starenkyj – see Sugar blues – I understand I must stop eating any refined sugar.
Hypoglycemia still happens if there is any trouble in my diet and rhythm.

My birth with a kyphosis : my life as a “moderate” hunchback
I got the explanation when I was … 35 !!!
When my vertebra column was injured – in 1980 – I had to invent a system to hold my head.